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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Original Berry

Hi everyone! I promise to make a new post as soon as I can and here I'm back with another Korean skincare post! Today I'm going to write a short blog post because I'm going away until 17th July 2017 and probably didn't have the chance to update my blog until then! So let's get started shall we?
Today I will be reviewing this product! I've been struggling with dry, flaky, peeling, and bleeding lips for a couple of months, and my friend recommended me to try this, so I decided to give this lip sleeping mask a try. This was my first time trying this product, so continue reading to know what I think of it.
The Laneige lip sleeping mask comes in quite a few flavours now, but I have the original berry flavour.
Here is what the box looks like when you first get it! The product packaging is very simple but the design is elegant. The product comes in a 20g, and this product comes in a sturdy box, with blue and white as the dominant colors.
This is how the side of the box look…

Skinfood Premium Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Toner Review

Hey guys! Not trying to spam but I would love to tell you guys, this being my new blog and my very first blog post so for that I need your support to make it worth read and interesting. Please feel free to take a look at my blog! Do share your views and comment. I'm so excited to share my interests and experiences with you guys. I promise that I'll do my best to keep it updated as frequently as I can (fingers crossed). Hehehe~
OK! Enough of all the babbling, I want to keeping this post short and simple, not writing hell lot of stuffs so that you don't get bored reading it! Today post will be about my skincare products that I have been using for years! So reading from the title, you guys probably know what product I'm going to review today. Yes, it's Skinfood Premium Lettuce and Cucumber Watery Toner!
Let's start shall we?
Contains 5 % lettuce extract, 5 % cucumber extract, and 20 % cucumber water, a watery toner that deeply hydrates skin. Well, that certainly soun…