Embracing my inner ajumma, and establishing some upgrades along the way!

A little about me... 

Personally, I identify myself as a wife, a mom, a Christian, with a weakness for K-pop and Marvel movies.  

Professionally, I'm an event planner with a culinary and hospitality background, having at one point attempted a career in journalism!

I've been called an ajumma since my college days, and now that I'm truly living the life of one, I'm ready to embody the ajumma fighting spirit, while hoping to elevate the ajumma status to a more modern and sophisticated level for this generation! 

This site is my effort to share about my ajumma journey, including ideas, tips and inspirations involving everything from

culinary, beauty, culture, career, and faith... and to encourage all ajummas out there to pursue their ajumma dreams!



a-jum-ma | ah-jhoo-mah | noun or adjective

A female species of Korean origin; Evolution of women in middle age-hood, recognized by their over-sized visors, can box-out any competitor on a BOGO-sale battlefield, and are obnoxiously loud when assembled in numbers (to list just a few of their charms).

Behind their intimidating permed hair and style-less attire, they are the warriors that tirelessly labor for their families, strike terror into the neighborhood bully threatening their territory, have the tenacity to influence public policy, can power walk up a steep mountain in record time, and have the perfect food remedy for any body or soul-ache, all accomplished with a collagen sheet mask pasted on!   

Ajumma's are fearless and feared; they are real-life super heroes in flawless disguise!

(art credit:  www.artaims.wordpress.com) 


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