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Beef Radish Soup for the Soul

(Difficulty Level: ✗ 1/2)

Nothing like a bowl of #소고기무국 on a rainy day with a side of perfectly ripened #kimchee.

And something about making it with my mom’s #fissler pot makes it seem more #ajumma and authentic 😂.

Doesn’t sound all that appetizing when calling it #BeefRadishSoup but it’s the ultimate Korean #comfortfood.


- (1) daikon radish

- approx. 1 lb. brisket

- approx. 1 lb. beef shank

- 1 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil

- chopped green onions

- soup soy sauce (called guk gahn jang)

- minced garlic (approx. 1 tablespoon)

- water


with a family of four who loves brothy soups, i have to make a pretty large batch of this so this recipe yields about 4 - 8 servings depending on if it's just a side bowl with other items on the table or this is your main meal.

it's a pretty simple soup, but still very hearty.

i first start by making a stock with the beef shank. it's not a necessary step, but i find beef these days doesn't provide deep flavors without a little extra effort (or msg)... so i cut up my beef shank, add about 60 ounces of cold water and bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20 - 30 minutes. if i have too much brisket, i'll also add some of that to this stock and use those pieces for something else later. set aside.

i start by cutting my brisket to small bite size pieces. no particular size, but i do try to have them somewhat uniform or similar in size to the radish i cut next.

then, i cut up my radish. you want them about 1/4 inch thick and the width squared of about the top of your thumb to the first joint. haha, honestly no need to overthink it too much if they aren't perfect squares. it's a rustic soup. i cut enough so i have roughly a little more radish than i do beef.

put my pot on medium heat and add sesame oil.

start stir frying my beef.

before it finishes cooking all the way, i add about 3 large cereal spoonfuls of the soup soy sauce. then add my cut up radish and continue to saute till it starts getting a little transluscent.

next add about six large ladles of your pre-made stock. bring to a boil.

add another six large ladles of your stock. bring again to a boil.

and final stage add the rest of your stock.

add your garlic and season to taste with your soup soy sauce.

bring to a final boil and let it simmer for another 15 - 20 minutes.

oh and skim any foam that forms on the top as you go.

all done!

garnish with as much chopped green onions as you like and have with a nice hot bowl of steamed rice. don't forget the kimchee!!!


- i like to add a little soy sauce to the beef to give it flavor instead of having to soak it up from seasoning later, which leaves the beef a little bland

- it's not necessary to do the three separate boiling steps. in my opinion it just gives it a little extra depth, but can totally skip and just boil it all at one time.

- i also usually like to add my garlic to the beef so it again adds some extra flavor layers, but didn't get a chance to this one cuz i forgot i ran out of garlic and had to mince while it was cooking =)

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