• ajummalife

Spam Heart Rolls

A cute lunch box idea for your kiddos to show a little extra LOVE 💓.

(Difficulty Level: ✗ 1/2)


- (1/2) can SPAM

- (4) sheets of dried seaweed

- white steamed sticky rice

- sesame oil

- sharp knife


1. Cut spam lengthwise about half-inch thick. I got four slices out of half a can.

2. Pan fry. I choose to use no oil and prefer spam LITE.

3. Prep your rice. I usually like brown rice but for the look, white rice is prettier. If you aren’t comfortable making rice at home, just get the microwaveable packs at Asian markets. Two packs yields about 16-pieces. I like adding just the tiniest bit of sesame oil and mix into rice.

4. Using dried seaweed meant for sushi rolling, fold and cut in half.

5. Spread your rice on one half sheet

6. Cut your spam slice on a diagonal / bias, when you flip one side it will give you the heart shape

7. This is really the only tricky part. Lie your spam on the second half sheet keeping the heart shape and roll the seaweed around it, following the shape of the heart. Once you’ve completely covered the heart, pack rice on top of the heart where it dips in to keep the shape and cut off any excess seaweed.

8. Center your spam heart on the sheet with rice and roll up.

9. Cut and you’re done!!!

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